2nd April 2010 – Great Friday

“I just ruined all my knickers today”

“As far as I know, thrush never killed anyone”

“It’s Munster AND Leinster?”

“She was ragingly cystitisy”

“I would have been on all fours… my favourite way to be”

“I touched her tampon”

“Cock sock”

“Nice to have another penis in the room… I’m not gay”

“E-Tablets in my ears”

“Menstrual heart-attack or whatever princesses get”

“Ben has nightmares about his jao’s eye”

“I pity the fool who thinks they’re safe”

“My name’s Amy Hoare & I’m a princess”

“Ugh, smell the workers”

“I like to squash it”

“Nothing better on a Sunday than a cock in the hand & letting it fly”

“Oh, pink marker… what’s occurin’?”

“I’m not watching, I’m not a lesbian”

“If you had a purple dress, he should have a purple johnny”

“Give me a smell first so I can get rid of the gag reflex”

“I’m just thinking, get down… & stay down”

“Spring Ding-a-ling”

“Winter Willy Wonder”

“Summer Bummer”

“The Fall up the Gall”

“I do love you, but I’m not gonna eat you out”

“The cheeks are flying off me”

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Assholes”

“Where’d you pull that out of?” “My ass”

“I would totally http you”

“What’s a donkey punch?”

“Arse like a wind sock”

“I thought it was the front bum”

“Bum love Sunday”

“Tampons make you taller”

“My Montgomery has the answer”

“Seriously, get it up there, quick”

“Remember when you were at school & you used to design condoms?”

“I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of my awesome!”

Morning bitches!

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This is where we’ll put the funniest quotes from the night(s), so that we don’t spam your Twitter stream. And so that we can all look back & laugh/cringe at the previous night’s shenanigans.